Super Computer Ultimate Ghost Machine

Super Computer* Ultimate Ghost Machine Optimized & Customized for your Needs

• First time presented, ready-made super computer* ultimate ghost machine optimized & customized to your professional & work needs.
• Personal Computer, Laptop, Notebook or Ultrabook will have ultimate enterprise level security and encryption. Not a bit of information will go out of your computer by internet.
• Ideal for sensitive people like President, Prime Ministers, heads of sensitive departments, intelligence agencies, military, army, company heads, owners, C.E.Os., management and for all departments where ultimate security and encryption is needed.
• Fifty or more software and applications will be added as per your professional needs, requirements and your pre-mentioned custom interests.
• Worldwide shipping. Free latest computers and laptops of any of these top companies like HP, Apple, Dell, Acer, Sony, and Samsung or as per your request.
• Free licensed software of Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7 Ultimate and other licensed software. However, you may need to purchase few licenses if you like to convert some of these working software to licensed software. For very high price technical software, you need to provide them.
• Delivery time: 15 days upon payment of half advance. Remaining half on delivery time.
• Please note price is USD $2,000 only if you provide your own PC or laptop and software. However, fifty of our special security and premium software will be included free.

* Please note that word super computer is used to indicate features not real Supercomputer.