Money Payment Options


For the services provided on this website, send your money by any one of the methods provided below. Money Payment Options and account details are provided below.

Option 1: Bank Online Wire Transfers, Bank ATM Transfers, Pay Order, Bank Draft, Cross Cheque/Checks

All banks around the world offer Bank Online Wire Transfers, Bank ATM Transfers, Pay Order, Bank Draft, Cross Cheque/Checks. You can send money from any international or national bank. Bank account details are given below. Send us transaction number.
Title of Account: TAHIR JAMIL
International Banking Account Number IBAN No: PK30 UNIL 0109 0002 12684874
Account Number : 212684874 Swift Code: UNILPKKA0588
Bank Name: United Bank Limited (UBL)
Branch Address: 570-A, Tajpura LDA Scheme, Lahore, Pakistan
Also these days almost all banks provide Speed Express Transfer Service or Cash on Counter Services from Pakistan and abroad.

Option 2: MoneyGram, WorldRemit, Xpress Money, money Transfer

You may send money by creating online account or by Agent locations worldwide. Transfer money to our bank account or for cash pickup.
Name: Tahir Jamil
City: Lahore, Pakistan
Mobile No: +92 312-689-1000
Address: H/No: 2 St/No: 1 Chaman Park, Mughalpura Lahore Cantt Pakistan (WorldRemit may need address)
National ID Card No: 61101-1968556-1 (Not needed mostly)

Option 3: Pay by MasterCard® or VISA Credit Card, Debit Card

If you want to pay by MasterCard or VISA card, please send your email address so we could initiate a secure payment request.

Option 4: Western Union Via Credit Card, Debit Card or online

Please send issued MTCN number.

Option 5: Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card to Card Transfer, US Payment Service.

Our Payoneer Email:
Please contact us if you want to pay us by USA local bank account.
If you are registered company in USA, then you may pay by Payoneer US Payment Service.

Option 6: Pay with PayPal, Debit or Credit Card
Please contact us so we send you our PayPal email or send you PayNow click to pay link at your email address.

Option 7: Mobile Phone or Shop Money Transfer Services within Pakistan

These days there are many Mobile Phone or Shop Money Transfer Services within Pakistan. Some offer services from foreign countries.
Name: Tahir Jamil
ID Card No: 61101-1968556-1
Mobile No: +92 312-689-1000