Hotel Booking Reservation Website Design

Hotel Online Booking Reservation Travel Website Design

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We design & develop hotel online booking reservation websites. We also develop travel and flight reservation engine including b2b and b2c. Large numbers of guests are booking reservations directly with hotels. It is very profitable for hotels to have their own online booking system integrated with their website. It is commission free, meaning you keep 100% due to your Internet booking engine.

Main Features:

  • Mobile Responsive design for all devices
  • Accept payments by PayPal, credit cards and checks
  • Payment Gateway Options
  • Enter your hotel rooms rates & fees
  • Increased Sales & Bookings
  • Mobile Bookings for Smartphones
  • Multi-Currency Capability
  • International Bookings
  • Few Clicks Booking Process
  • Multi-Room Bookings
  • Multi-Guest Bookings
  • Simple, Fast, Reliable Technology
  • User Friendly 24 Hr Access
  • Photo And Images Gallery
  • Location Maps
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Social Media – Facebook
  • Customization

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