Hospital & Clinic management software system, web & computer based

We provide hospital & clinic management system software. These include online web based and computer based hospital pharmacy software,clinic manager software. Hospital and clinic management system software is specially developed for small to large hospitals and clinics that contain all the billing, clinical, and operational elements for a successful running of medical practice.

We provide full Computer based Setup (Local & Remote)

Hospital and Clinic Management System Software (Web based)



It is web-based software. Fee include hosting setup, branding, logo, custom theme or background colors and adding of some sample data as per your company needs.
These are features of the website. Screenshot is provided above.
Advanced, powerful, flexible complete management software for hospital, clinic and medical institutes. Integrates and facilitates 7 types of user area of a hospital:



Manage departments of hospital
Manage doctor account
Manage patient account
Manage nurse account
Manage pharmacist account
Manage laboratories account
Manage accountant account
Monitor hospital events
Watch transaction reports of patient payment
Bed, ward, cabin status
Watch blood bank report
Watch medicine status of hospital stock
Watch operation report
Watch birth report
Watch death report
Bed allotment status and admit history
Manage noticeboard for all users of hospital
Manage system settings
Watch system log of user interactions
Manage language of the software
Create backup and restore anytime
Manage own profile


Manage patient. Account opening and updating
Create, manage appointment with patient
Create prescription for patient
Keep record of patient case history
Provide medication for patients
View diagnostic report of patients.
Creates, discharge bed allotment for patient
View blood bank status
Issue for operation of patients and creates operation report


View appointment list and status with doctors
View prescription details
View medication from doctor
View medication from pharmacist
View / download diagnostic report from laboratories.
View doctor list
View blood bank status
View operation history
View admit history. Like bed, ward ICU etc.
View invoices
Pay hand cash to accountant or pay online [PAYPAL]


Manage patient. Account opening and updating
Allot bed, ward, and cabin for patients
Provide medication according to patient prescription
Manage blood bank and update status
Manage blood donors
Keep record of patient operation, baby born and death of patient


Maintain medicine
Keep records of hospitals stock medicines and status
Manage medicine categories
Watch prescription of patient
Provide medication to prescriptions


Watch prescription list
Upload diagnostic report
Preview of diagnostic report files
Manage blood bank
Manage blood donors and maintain their status


Create invoice for payment
Order invoice to patient
Take cash payment


Highly secured against security threats
MySQL-injection, xss attack, csrf protected


The software is completely responsive
Supports desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet

Hospital and Clinic Management System Software (Computer based)

It contain Prescriptions Writer, Appointment Scheduling, Insurance Billing Claims, Invoicing, Expenses, Receivable, Tax and Pharmacy Purchase Order with Drug Dispense all integrated in one application.