TV & Video Commercials

TV Commercials Production, Video Advertisement, Training Videos, Film Production, Movie Dubbing & Voice-Over, Translation, Subtitling, Computer based Training, Educational Tutorials and Video Lessons, Video Mixing and Animation.

Professional Voice-over talent, (off-camera broadcast narration) and/or music for your video track. prepare top quality sales presentation animation (30 seconds) in only USD $65. We add voice-over, background music and animation on 30 minutes duration movie or video in only USD $95. Surely music is included along with voice-over and animation in this 30 minutes movie. Price is only USD $125 for one hour duration movie or video voice-over, background music and animation. Price is only USD $250 for one hour duration movie or video dubbing.
One hour movie, drama, documentary or tutorials subtitles (captioning or displaying of translated text at the time spoken sentence) in $60 (PRK 6,0000) only! Supported languages are spoken Urdu/Hindi to English text and spoken English to Urdu text. Concessional price for limited time. can provide only English or Urdu voice-over, so you need to provide spoken audio yourself to be added in other languages. It is better if you provide type of advertisement you need. Give example of anything over internet. Also you need to give idea of animations and text need to be added and type of video you want.

Our Video Production Includes:

  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Feature films and animations
  • Promotional videos
  • Sales presentations
  • Animated Cartoon jokes and dialogues for Television programs
  • IVR (interactive voice response)
  • Script Consultation & Concept Development
  • Your company Logo & Graphics moving onto the screen to introduce the
  • Editing: Editing and revisions
  • Video Titles: Words and Animation on the screen to introduce each
    section, or to summarize the points.
  • Voice-over Talent Recording: Off-camera narration (male or female)
  • Streaming Video Preview at on the web for the purpose of client review.
  • Few days turn over
  • Reasonable rates
  • Integrated graphic design
  • In-house CD and DVD production

Training videos production, Educational tutorials and Video Lessons includes:

    • Training videos, movies, CDs and DVDs
    • CBT (computer based training)
    • We provide video and interactive educational tutorials and video lessons preparation and dubbing services
    • Convert your educational books or notes into easy to understand videos or tutorials with voice in English, Urdu or other languages.

Movie Dubbing, Translation, Subtitling, Narration

We record for Narration, Educational, Video, Internet, Web Video, PowerPoint, Radio, Telephone, Promos, Documentaries, Jingles, Television, Music, Commercials, Foreign Language Video Translation.
Our language production services include:
♦ Translation
♦ Narration
♦ Voice-over
♦ Dubbing
♦ Foreign Language Monitoring
♦ Subtitling
♦ Recordings
♦ DVD Authoring
♦ Transcription