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Our fee include employee management system software install setup, employee management software custom configuration, employee management website template custom color layout background, company name title, custom images, banners, contacts etc. We setup and also arrange third party hosted employee management solutions.

Employee management system software features:

Workforce Management

Employee Qualifications

Track and manage employee qualifications, including:

  • Skills – Proficiency, first/last used dates, years of experience and expiration dates.
  • Education – Course, institute, major/minor, grade/score and graduation date.
  • Memberships – Start/renewal dates, ownership and fees.
  • Licenses – License identification numbers and issued/expiration dates.
  • Languages – Fluency and competency.

Performance Reviews

Streamline the process of generating performance reviews for employees and communicate your expectations effectively. In addition to performance reviews, track accident/injury reports, entrance/exit interviews and disciplinary measures. Key performance indicators can be defined to help standardize and report on any type of review.
Personal Information Management (PIM)

Centralize your employee information in a single database including:

  • Personal Details
  • Profile Picture
  • Contact Details
  • Emergency Contact(s)
  • Dependents
  • Job Information
  • Salary Information
  • Employee Hierarchy (supervisors and subordinates)
  • Attach Files

Time and attendance

Track and monitor employee attendance accurately in real-time from anywhere in the world. We offer five different ways to track employee attendance that fits any company or budget.
Time Clock – Multiple Methods

Employees can punch in using:

Computer Web Browsers (PC/MAC)
Stand-alone Time Clocks
Biometric Fingerprints
Barcode Badges
Cell Phones/PDAs
Touch-tone Telephones

True Real-time Timesheets

Managers can remotely monitor and get up to the second reports regarding employee time and attendance, from anywhere at any time. Eliminate waiting until the end of the pay period to review attendance records.

Accruals and Time Banks

Setup an unlimited number of accruals to automatically track employee vacations, sick days or banked time. Employees can also see their own accrual balances, eliminating time consuming requests to human resources to lookup that information.
Control Management has fine grained control and tracking over where employees are able to punch in/out from.

Employee management system software Payroll

Since Employee management system software handles both Scheduling and Attendance, Payroll is a simple click away.

Integrated Attendance and Payroll

  • No re-keying or importing/exporting data in to a separate payroll application. Payroll is prepared instantly with the click of a button.
  • Payroll Tax Calculator
  • Employee management system software uses an advanced payroll deduction calculation engine that will automatically calculate federal and local income taxes as well as other custom deductions such as benefits, insurance and accrual programs.

Tax Reports

Generate a variety of tax and other government reports. It can be customized for all countries.

United States
Form W2, W3, 940, 941, 1099
T4, T4A, Record of Employment (ROE), Remittance Reports

Generate a variety of tax and other government reports

Direct Deposit

Employee management system software facilitates the electronic transfer of payroll funds to your employees, eliminating costly payroll outsourcing middle men. Alternatively Employee management system software can print checks in several different formats, adding convenience for employers and employees.

Electronic Pay Stubs

Generate detailed electronic pay stubs for each employee that can be securely viewed online or printed out at any time.

Outsourced Payroll Providers

While Employee management system software can process payroll entirely for you without the need and additional expense of an outsourced payroll provider, it gives you the choice by also supporting the most popular payroll providers, including:

QuickBooks Pro

Employee management system software Invoice:

Track Clients / Account Balances / Inventory

Track clients and their on-going account balances, setup recurring payment options, ship orders and maintain inventory.

Accept Payments

Accept and process multiple forms of electronic and non-electronic payments. Keep track of outstanding balances for each client account.

Electronic Invoices

Easily print or email electronic invoices, overdue notices and account statements to your clients.

Employee management system software Recruitment

Job Vacancies

Post internal or external job vacancies, including:

  • Employment Status/Types
  • Hiring Manager
  • Salary Ranges

Then manage the entire recruitment process from initial posting to contract signing.

Applicant Tracking System

Each applicant can have their own profile for collecting the following information:

Employment History
Personal ID and past mailing addresses for background checks.

Applicants can then easily apply for one or more job vacancies within your organization without having to re-enter data each time.

Attach Resumes

Resumes can be attached to each applicant or job application.

Employee management system software Job Costing

Identify Costs

With Employee management system software Job Costing you will immediately be able to identify labor costs attributed to projects by employee, branch, department, task-type and quantities produced.

Increase Profitability

Understand productivity and profitability on a project-by-project basis, and use that knowledge to directly affect the bottom line of your company.

Remote Access:

Whether you are in the office, on-location, traveling, or working remotely; project time and costs can be efficiently tracked from anywhere.

  • Employee management system software Document Management
  • Track Changes / Revisions

Employee management system software Document Management

Categorize and track revisions over the life span of your documents. Have peace of mind knowing exactly when and who is responsible for modifying each document.

Attach Documents

Easily attach important documents to jobs, clients and a multitude of other items within Employee management system software.
Share Documents Online

Employee Scheduling:

Managers and authorized employees can securely view documents from anywhere, anytime. All your employees will have 365/24/7 access to Employee management system software’s complete functionality.

Employee management system software Expense Tracking
Employee Expenses

Employees can electronically track expenses or mileage, upload photos of receipts and get approval from their superiors. Each expense can be assigned to specific branches, departments, jobs and tasks for fine grained reporting.

Expense Policies

Based on specific Expense Policies, taxes can be automatically separated out and employees can be reimbursed for the full or partial expense amount.

Seamless Payroll Integration

Approved expenses flow seamlessly into the Employee management system software payroll and are automatically reimbursed to the employee.

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