Create Social Network web design, make start need website like Facebook

Do you need to create or build your own social network and make money. We provide social network website design like Facebook. People are familiar with networking on Facebook, so many web design features similar to Facebook are added.
Run your own advertisements or accept paid ads. develop feature rich social community websites. By using social community websites, you can build your own fully grown up communities.

One time fee, no recurring or monthly fee.

* Our Admin Control Panel give site Admin full control of their social network from the content that is added to the activity of what is going on behind the scenes.
Members Profiles
* A members profile is their personal page on your social network, which has all the information they want to share with the community as well as all the content they are sharing on your social network.
* The dashboard is the first stop for your users and is where they can keep track with what is going on with their friends and the community at a quick glance.
* Our product provides the ability for your users to befriend other members they may or may not know allowing your community to create a true social network.
* Your users can get in touch with other members by sending emails to all of the contacts.
* Your users can upload videos direct from their computer or quickly share videos from sites like YouTube or MySpace.
* Members can upload and share their songs and put them into albums and control the specific genre they are in. Your members can listen to these songs/albums and add them to their own profile.
Instant Messenger
* Our instant messenger gives your members the ability to instantly chat with other members.
* Your members can share their thoughts and insights by writing blogs to share with the community.
* Your members can upload photos to a public gallery or to their own set of photo albums. While uploading photos your members can decide the privacy level of who can view their photos online.
* Our forum brings your entire community into one place where they can share their thoughts on any topics and giving control to site admin to moderate content.
Ad Campaigns
* You can monetize your social network with our advanced ad campaigns including Google AdSense, affiliates and third party advertisements.
* Your members can create polls for the entire community or for just a set of their friends.
* Bulletins are notes shared between your users and their friends to keep them up-to-date with what is going on.
* When your users create a group they create a community within a community as it includes the top features found on the your community fully integrated into it and giving them full Admin powers.
* Your users can create a listing in your Classifieds if they want to give away or sell something.
* Admin can write announcements for all the members on the site to see from either their dashboard of by visiting the announcement section.
Account & Privacy Management
* We have grouped all the important privacy and account settings in a convenient location so your users can easily control these settings at any time with ease.
* You or your staff may need to send out information to all your users or a specific user group and this can be done by sending out newsletters via emails or internal private messages.
* Your users can use emoticons throughout the site to express how they feel.
Theme Management
* We give you full control to change the entire look of your site from the HTML layout to the CSS styling and all of this can be done from the comfort of the Admin Control Panel.
* Your social network can become an international community once it grows as we provide the ability to display not only English but many other languages.
Activity Feed
* Our activity feed keeps your members up-to-date with what their friends or the community with what they have recently been up to. Designed to work like Facebook’s Live Feed.
* When you create subscriptions you can create custom user groups that can do special things other user groups cannot do and you can charge for these features. With this feature you can start making money.
User Group Management
* When using a feature on the site it is usually tied into a user group, which in return gives you the control with what each user group can do.
* Your users can keep track of all the events they are hosting or plan on attending.
* The easiest way for your community to grow is for your members to invite their friends. It’s a free and fast form of advertising on a more personal level.
* Quizzes gives your users the ability to create tests for other members or just their set of friends.
RSS & Social Sharing
* The ability to share information with others is very crucial today and we provide RSS and social sharing to your members so they can spread your sites content across many other sites.
SEO Friendly
* When viewing an item like a blog or photo it requires a unique identifier and we use SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) practices to keep content on top of search engines.



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